Rescue Dogs Overview

Founded on 27th April 1996 following the decision of the Luxembourg Red Cross (CRL) Executive Committee, the Rescue Dogs service is an integral part of the emergency services the Red Cross offers. It is a valuable tool in the search for missing persons in Luxembourg as well as abroad.


This section works within the context of two CRL departments: Health and Humanitarian Aid. The search for missing persons in Luxembourg and neighbouring countries is the responsibility of the Health department which maintains a permanent and strong collaboration with CRL’s ambulance service. The Humanitarian Aid department is responsible for activities concerning interventions following natural disasters both nationally and internationally.


Thanks to its phenomenal “working tool,” highly specialised rescue dogs, the Rescue Dogs service intervenes in the search for missing persons as well as locating survivors buried under debris of any kind.


At a national level, the Rescue Dogs service collaborates closely with the Emergency Services Administration, the Police Grand-Ducale and fire departments, and the Luxembourg Air Rescue.


At an international level and in close collaboration with the German Red Cross as well as other emergency services, such as those of the Paris Fire Department’s canine team, the Rescue Dogs service has completed and continues to participate in numerous training programs. They took an active part in discussions which lead to the creation of the DIN 13050 norm concerning the emergency teams in Germany.


Highly specialised, trained, and ready to be confronted with the most extraordinary situations, the Luxembourg Red Cross’s canine teams have been tested in many interventions on the ground in Luxembourg and Germany as well as after the earthquakes in Algeria and Iran in 2003, in Morocco in 2004, and in Haiti in 2010.


Within the context of international interventions, the Rescue Dogs service has signed an agreement with Luxembourg Air Rescue. Their Lear jets ensure fast transportation for the canine teams to regions of crises within  5000 kilometers from Luxembourg.