Impoverished Citizens

Nowadays, contrary to popular belief, many residents in Luxembourg live in the risk of poverty. This is why the Red Cross has decided to act and offer services to protect and help those affected to find a stable socio-professional situation. Details on the different services on offer can be found below.


Welfare Services

Social offices are here to help you find and apply for the right social, financial, and material support… more

Perspectives (Supervised accommodation and professional integration)

Young people are increasingly concerned about poverty. If you are between 18 and 30 years old and live in a poverty situation, the Perspectives program will offer you an individual accommodation on a regular basis in order to upgrade your living conditions… more

Material Help

The Red Cross offers assistance with clothing donations (Cloakrooms), as well as food… more

Meal home delivery

The meal home delivery team will deliver hot and well-balanced meals to your home for €11 each throughout the year… more

Migrants and Refugees

If you apply for international protection, the Migrants & Refugees department will help with your integration into Luxembourg by assisting you in your various administrative needs… more



For further information

The Luxembourg Red Cross is unable to meet all needs, but has developed a catalog of associations who deal with specific problems.

If none of the aids listed above match your needs, contact the Helpline by telephone on 2755, by mail to the following address: info@croix-rouge.lu, or visiting the Helpline page