A guide to corporate partnerships


A match between our needs and your expectations

Every partner of the Luxembourg Red Cross has their own expectations. To fit these varying needs and interests, the Red Cross creates different types of partnerships. Through his experience, it allows each partner to become involved in a concrete and transparent manner. The variety of projects offered allows us to offer a project that matches your organisation’s mission and interests.

Depending on the area of action you wish to support:

  • The Red Cross in general (not dedicated to a specific project)
  • Health (convalescence and sick people, First Aid, ambulance service, etc.)
  • Social care (disadvantaged persons, migrants and refugees, etc.)
  • Youth (from children to young adults, holiday camps, educational projects, etc.)
  • Humanitarian aid (emergency response, ensuring rehabilitation)

Depending on the way in which you wish to support:

  • Material or financial support
  • Provision of skills
  • Personal and team commitment
  • Raising awareness
  • Organising events


Benefits from personalised support

The Red Cross provides partner organisations with support to establish or further develop their corporate social responsibility.

Getting to know
  • Discover examples of our projects online
  • Discuss the Red Cross with your employees; they may already be familiar with our work
  • Ask for flyers or informational documents


  • To discuss the plans for partnership and any other unanswered questions, please contact us by phone at 2755-2100 or by e-mail at communication@croix-rouge.lu
  • Your contact will organise the structure of your project to ensure the link with the service that you wish to support
  • Once the project is finalised, the appointed contact will assist you to rapidly and efficiently realize the project.
  • With a commitment to transparency, the Red Cross will create a report on your support’s impact.
  • Thanks to our Communications Department, a publicity campaign can be organised to highlight your support.

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