Car Fleet

The Luxembourg Red Cross’s rescue dog section owns a multi-functional car fleet suitable for a variety of situations :


Intervention vehicles :

On-call vehicle

The on-call vehicle is available for the dog handler or coordinator on-duty. In case of emergency, the handler or coordinator drives straight to the site and prepares the field for arriving teams.

This vehicle is equipped with topographical maps, communication equipment, first-aid kits, and signaling equipment.



Since the majority of our interventions occur in woods or places that are difficult to access, our all-terrain vehicle is a necessity. One of the vehicle’s advantages is that the emergency equipment can be used immediately and an injured person can be evacuated to a place more accessible to ambulances.

Technical facts :

Type : Land Rover Discovery 3
Built : 2007
Engine size : 2720 ccm3
Power : 140 kW / 190 ch
Seating : 5
Space for dogs : 2
Builder : Binz Ambulance, Ilmenau (Germany)


Coordination vehicle

The Coordination vehicle functions as a workplace, a coordination center, and a command post for our teams in the field. It is equipped with the necessary equipment for communication, topography, and first-aid, and also has signaling capabilities.

Technical facts :

Type : Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 316cdi
Built : 2006
Engine size : 2798 ccm3
Seating : 6
Space for dogs : 8
Builder : Binz Ambulance, Ilmenau (Germany)


Response vehicle

This multi-use vehicle is equipped with signaling equipment, first-aid kits, and rescue equipment. It is the first to arrive on the intervention site.

Technical facts :

Type : Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 319cdi
Built : 2010
Engine size : 2987 ccm3
Seating : 4
Space for dogs : 4
Builder : Binz Ambulance, Ilmenau (Germany)


Support vehicle

This car is used for transporting our support teams.

Technical facts :

Type : Volkswagen T5 Transporter (Shuttle)
Built : 2004
Engine size : 2500 ccm3
Seating : 5
Space for dogs : 4
Builder : self-made


Vehicles and trailers used for transportation and logistics

Transport vehicle

This vehicle is used for transporting equipment.

Technical facts :

Type : Ford Transit
Built : 2006
Engine size : 2200 ccm3
Power : 96 KW / 130 PS
Seating : 3



Logistics trailer

The logistics trailer is used for getting supplies to our teams during interventions, exercises, or other activities and events. It comes with a 6x8m tent.

Technical facts :

Type : Wörrmann « Bistrello »
Built : 2006
Maximum load authorized : 2 tons
Builder : Wörmann Anhänger


Other trailers








These trailers are for transporting equipment.

Technical facts :

Type : Saris
Built : 2001/1999
Maximum load authorized : 1,6 tons / 2 tons