Goals of the Foster Care Service

For various reasons (illness, addiction, instability, etc.), some parents have difficulties providing for their children’s basic needs. For their protection, the children are separated from their parents and spend their childhood and adolescence either in foster families or in foster care.

Created in 1928 on the initiative of Mrs. Aline Mayrisch de Saint Hubert, the Foster Care service was officially recognised on 1st January 2001 by the Ministry of Family Affairs for assisting foster care, an authorisation registered under N°APF/01/1.

The Foster Care service has three objectives :

  • To offer the child a life within a family who welcomes him or her day and night, for any duration, and provides the child’s care and upbringing.
  • To provide psychological support for the family, who often have children who suffer from behavioural and attachment issues.
  • To ensure to the child’s integration into society and allow them to meet with people dear to them.


Before welcoming a child, the foster families undergo :

  • Information sessions ;
  • An in-depth selection process ;
  • Individualised training.

During foster care, families are provided with :

  • Assistance with administrative procedures ;
  • Psychological support during the length of foster care, in particular acting as an intermediary between the various parties involved in the placement ;
  • A meeting place for the child and his or her biological family ;
  • The presence of a social worker during these visits ;
  • Financial contributions ;
  • Inscription in pension insurance.

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