Centre Kannerhaus Jean - Centre thérapeutique pour enfants et familles - Photo:O.Minaire

Goals of the Kannerhaus Therapy Centre

The fundamental aim of the Kannerhaus Jean therapy centre is to help and support families who need it by offering parents and children comprehensive help personalised to their situations.

The Centre offers therapeutic and psychological support to families with children who suffer from behaviour and psychological disorders.

The outpatient unit responds to children’s and families’ problems through a therapeutic project using the following methods: therapy with animals (horses, dogs, and rabbits), playing, individual therapy, couples/family therapy, child-parent support and academic advice for the child’s teachers.

The semi-live-in unit welcomes children 6-12 years old who have serious problems for 4 days a week (during the intensive phase), and the child attends his or her school on the fifth day. Parents are integrated into the process. The child’s education is monitored. The therapeutic and psychological support is based on different methods: methods mentioned in the outpatient unit, therapy through art and puppets, occupational therapy, psycho-motor therapy, education based on experience, child-parent therapy (Marte Meo), parent-child groups, and supported specialised education.

After the intensive phase, the service offers regular and long-term outpatient therapeutic monitoring for the children, parents, and teachers.


Download the Kannerhaus Jean therapy centre pamphlet here :

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