Goals of the Kannerhaus Therapy Center

The “Centre thérapeutique Kannerhaus Jean” addresses families going through difficult times. The children show signs of psychological suffering which expresses itself through behavioral or affective disorders. These issues can be seen at home and/or in school.

The center helps families on a therapeutic and scholar level using different approaches.

The “Centre thérapeutique Kannerhaus Jean” has three pillars:

–          Psychotherapeutic support for children through the use of different media

–          Psychotherapeutic support for the family and the caregiving system

–          Partnership with the individual teachers

The “Centre thérapeutique Kannerhaus Jean” offers therapeutic support in two different intensities :

–          An ambulant therapy: children and families attend therapy once a week

–          A semi-stationary therapy: children visit the center on four days a week and their actual school the fifth day.

A stationary care (the psychotherapeutic boarding structure has opened in September 2018, mentoring the children five days a week (night and day, except on weekends).

Download the brochure of the “Centre Thérapeutique Kannerhaus Jean” :

Dépliant Kannerhaus Jean (10-2017) DE & FR