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Thanks to our skilled staff and our efficient tools, the Red Cross’s ambulance service possesses a cutting-edge medical infrastructure, which allows the transportation of ill people with the assistance of health professionals.


Medical Equipment

The Red Cross can offer a team of doctors and nurses, who are available on demand to assist the transportation of people who are suffering from a severe illness.
Respirateur / BeatmungsgerätMonitoring défibrillateur / Überwachungsmonitor mit Defibrilatordéfibrillateur semi-automatique (DSA) / Halbautomatischer Defibrillator






To always be able to guarantee every patient a quick medical intervention, the Red Cross offers cutting-edge equipment to its team, which is compatible with the SAMU and the Protection Civile.

Sac a dos premier secours / Erste Hilfe Rucksackcivière à aubes / SchaufeltrageMinerve / Halskrause



The Red Cross’s ambulance service has three types of vehicle:


Light Health Vehicle (V.S.L.)

For patients able to travel in a sitting position but needing to be accompanied and helped.




For the transportation of patients who, for medical reasons, need to be transported in a lying position, with or without specific material help, and who need constant surveillance of a qualified first-aid worker.



Ambulance “intensive care and resuscitation”

For the transportation of people suffering from a severe illness, if needed, with the assistance of a doctor and/or a nurse in a vehicle specifically designed and equipped for this purpose.


The Team

The ambulance service guarantees its patients a comfortable and medically appropriate transportation. Whether it is thanks to the team’s basic training, their knowledge demonstrated during their continuing education, or the cutting-edge equipment (compatible with the SAMU and the Protection Civile), the Luxembourg Red Cross’s first-aid workers are reliable partners in the medical, hospital, and civil world of the Grand-Duchy as well as abroad.


Mobile Unit « MoVe »

The Luxembourg Red Cross’s new unit “MoVe” is operational since 1st May 2009 and currently allows four first-aid workers to intervene on a motorbike or a bicycle.

img_ambulances_move_710pxThe flexibility, the ease in entering a crowd and the ability to intervene quickly are the main advantages of this mobile unit which enables first-aid workers to provide initial care while waiting for an ambulance.

The unit has two motorbikes and three bicycles, which are equipped with first-aid material, an oxygen tank, and a semi-automatic defibrillator. It is particularly well suited for interventions during big cultural and sports events (examples: bicycle race, runs, etc.)

In fact, during these events, the vehicle is often parked at an aid station or at a site which is not easily accessible by an ambulance.

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