Our resources

The Luxembourg Red Cross’s clinic for sex workers provides the services and infrastructure required to welcome the people in need of the facility. From medical supplies to a comfortable environment, everything is available to offer sex workers (female and male) a user-friendly and warm space which provides them with what they need.

The spacious facilities include :

  • A needle exchange outside the building ;
  • A cafeteria with television ;
  • Showers ;
  • Lockers.

The service also provides the necessary resources for the sex workers to communicate, rest, cook, wash, do laundry, or get changed.

They can get health prevention supplies (condoms, lubricants) on a daily basis, and cleaning supplies and underwear on a weekly basis.

The staff

Qualified and motivated staff are available at all times to ensure comprehensive follow-up care for users of the service.

The staff are particularly dedicated to their role as objective listeners and provide a non- judgmental welcome to everyone who uses the facility.

The staff includes :

  • One teacher ;
  • One social worker ;
  • Three nurses ;
  • Individuals who provide assistance during opening hours ;
  • A social worker who is available without appointment on Wednesdays from 7-9pm.

Our medical staff is on duty every Wednesday from 8-10pm. A team of doctors ensures the surgery is always open at that time.

Several times a week, the drop-In team goes out onto the streets to meet directly with sex workers to give them information, condoms, lubricants and, in winter, hot coffee.

The drop-In dispensary is 100% registered for its basic operations.