Mission of the Migrants and Refugees Service

The Luxembourg Red Cross’s Migrants and Refugees service welcomes, guides, and assists migrants, in particular applicants for international protection, during their stay in Luxembourg.

Requests for shelter and international protection are usually managed by the Office Luxembourgeois de l’Accueil et de l’Intégration (O.L.A.I., the Luxembourg office for Welcome and Integration), who directs applicants to the Red Cross.

Helping and fighting for migrants has always been a concern of the Luxembourg Red Cross. In 2004, the service for Migrants and Refugees was created to meet their needs more effectively.


Today, the Migrants and Refugees team is increaslingly sought-after by migrants, including people legally residing in Luxembourg as well as those in illegal situations who are seeking help.

The service’s team also takes care of community life, e.g. organising activities, conflict management, etc., and the welcoming and personal supervision of the residents.
Since 1st September 2004, it is a policy to interview the new resident. This interview allows the service to establish a first contact with the new residents.

Information concerning procedure and future steps is given to them during this first interview to supplement the previously received information from the Ministries in charge.


For more information about the missions of the Migrants and Refugees service, see this PDF.



In March 2004, following an agreement with the Ministry of Family Affairs, the Red Cross established a welcome centre. They manage the facility and the welcoming and supervision of applicants for international protection who live there.

The necessity for such a facility was also confirmed by the voices of the country’s various NGOs.

The Luxembourg Red Cross renovated the building before setting up the centre in order to guarantee a positive welcome of the applicants for international protection.