Over the past years, the Luxembourg Red Cross has developed numerous humanitarian aid activities and adopted new, efficient means of action. This enables the Luxembourg Red Cross to be active in two main areas: development and humanitarian emergencies.


The Luxembourg Red Cross is involved in medium- to long-term programmes which support development and reconstruction in underprivileged countries.

This action involves :

  • The improvement of health systems focusing on preventative medicine
  • Raising awareness of and preparing populations for natural disasters (epidemics, floods, etc.)


Humanitarian emergencies

The Luxembourg Red Cross intervenes in emergencies following natural or humanitarian disasters by

  • Sending a volunteer rescue team with their rescue dogs to locate survivors under rubble according to the type and location of the catastrophe
  • Buying equipment and sending necessary items to the disaster location
  • Deploying the Benelux Emergency Response Unit to ensure the distribution of first aid materials to the affected populations
  • Introducing rehabilitation projects according to each situation

The Luxembourg Red Cross can also act upon requests from the Luxembourgish government or the International Red Cross Federation when humanitarian aid is needed (e.g. sending the Emergency Rescue Unit, participating in searches with the rescue dogs, building shelters, etc.)

The Luxembourg Red Cross allows citizens who wish to lend their support to relief efforts get involved through ongoing or intermittent volunteering and through monetary donations. With the goal of establishing a trusting relationship with donors, the Luxembourg Red Cross is committed to following the code of conduct for organisations calling on the generosity of the public. Under this code, it is their moral obligation to provide donors with regular updates.

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