Procedure following intervention requests

The Families First Luxembourg service intervenes in families in crisis. It provides support following intervention services and other assistance programs. In doing so it ensures the continuity of its work.

The service only intervenes upon the request of a professional , such as the Youth Court, social service workers, or social workers from the Service Central d’Assistance Social (SCAS).

The intervention works in phases , with at least three meetings per week for 6-8 weeks of intensive intervention :

  • Pre-phase (preparation of the case, the first interview with the family);
  • Observation and meeting phase (1st and 2nd week);
  • Activation and change phase (3rd -6th week)
  • Stabilization phase (6th– 8th week)

The intervention is concluded with a final interview and final report.



The collaboration between the service and families is conducted in 3 basic steps :

  • A first interview that the applicant organizes with the service. The reason for the intervention is explained and a plan is formulated. At this time, the family may come up with its own objectives.
  • A second meeting takes place about three weeks after the first interview with the goal of reviewing these objectives and the progress.
  • A final meeting is scheduled in the 6th-8th week of the intervention to discuss the changes made and proceed to the evaluation stage. When the intervention is finished, the applicant takes charge of the family once again.


Approach and techniques

This intervention program consists of several approaches (behavioral, systemic, empowering, problem-solving, etc.) and works on the principle that in times of crisis, people are willing to change their lives. Crisis is not completely negative; it carries the potential for improvement.

It is the family members themselves who know their situation best and are responsible for the changes and solutions they plan and enact. The experts of this service advise and guide families through the first steps using a variety of methods in order to mobilize all of the families’ resources and potential while guaranteeing the well-being of the children.


Even though the service aims primarily to support the parents, the service works with every member of the family together and/or individually.

Luxembourg Families First uses a number of methods and techniques which are always adapted to the family and their problems.

Methods and techniques used by Families First Luxembourg :

  • Evaluating the family
  • Developing each family member’s potential
  • Developing a list of short-term objectives with the family
  • A systematic intervention plan with concrete changes
  • Solving behavior problems in four steps
  • Educating parents and promoting abilities
  • Crisis mapping
  • Techniques for the family when a Families First Luxembourg worker is not there
  • Finding solutions (based on the concepts of short-term therapy)
  • Emotion-centered therapy
  • Feedback, encouragement, compliments (based on the Rudolf Dreikurs concept)
  • Anger management
  • Active listening
  • Reading situations of depression and suicide risk
  • Case management
  • Follow-up planning

To achieve the objectives proposed at the beginning of the intervention, the family is supported in tailoring solutions to their daily lives. Based on their resources, family members can go at their own pace and get control of their lives while receiving support.

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