Activities for young people

After school, young people need a place to hang out, engage in activities, and enjoy themselves. This is why the Luxembourg Red Cross offers a number of places which welcome adolescents and give them unforgettable experiences. You can find out more about them below.



Youth Centres

Are you between 12 and 26 years old and would like to spend time with other people your age ? The youth centres of the Red Cross are activity-filled meeting places exclusively for young people. Our youth leaders are available to listen to you and help solve your problems. Find the youth centre closest to you ! … more

Day Care Centres

The day care centres of the Red Cross take care of your children during the day while you are at work and offer them activities that are both educational and fun, as well as tutoring. Find the day care centre closest to you… more

Holiday Camps

Would you like to give your child a memorable holiday filled with activities and lots of interaction with other children at a low price ? The Luxembourg Red Cross allows all children and adolescents 4 to 17 years old to go on holidays regardless of their social background. If you would like to volunteer as a summer camp leader, sign up for the training !… more

First Aid courses

The Luxembourg Red Cross offers First Aid courses or refresher courses to those aged 15 and up. Join the course and learn how to save lives! Find out when the next session is going to take place! … more

Co-pilot Training

The youth centres offer a course to become a “Co-pilot” in order to participate in the preparation and leading of activities in their youth centre. … more




For further information

The Red Cross of Luxembourg cannot meet all needs, but it has developed a catalogue of associations that deal with specific problems not treated by our services.

If none of the services presented here correspond to your need, contact the telephone helpline 2755, or email us at : info@croix-rouge.lu or the Helpline web page.

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