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Day Centre

The geriatric centres offer day supervision in an environment adapted to the specific needs of people who require daily care. There are numerous services, including Assistance and Care services, individual and group support activities, therapies, meals, and recreational activities.

The day centres are in charge of clients’ transportation to and from home.


The day centres cater to elderly people who require physical, social, or psychological help. The main objective of the support offered is to improve people’s independence and/or maintain improvements in order to prevent further impairment.

The goals of the day centres are :

  • Welcoming people who have lost their physical, psychological, or social independence into a warm environment that respects their lifestyle;
  • Guaranteeing interdisciplinary support by competent and engaged professionals.
  • Offering each client individual support based on his or her needs, abilities, and expectations.

These goals are accomplished through collaboration with our Assistance and Care at home teams, doctors, social workers, and hospitals in order to guarantee continuity of care. Day centres meet legal requirements and are accredited by the Ministry of Family and Integration.

For more information concerning our day centres, please reference our NIC or call our Helpline at 26 70 26.


Supported Housing

In our “supported housing” residences, independent or somewhat dependent elderly people have the opportunity to live in housing adapted to their needs and take advantage of services that make their lives easier. They benefit from Assistance and Care services plus hospitality services and common living areas.

The Vitalhome is supported housing managed by the Doheem Versuergt association and has 36 studios and 2 apartments. A permanent caregiver is provided 24/7. A catering service is offered and the meals are cooked on site. There are many activities offered, such as excursions, music activities, birthdays, physical activities, etc.

All of this is done to make these homes a pleasant and fun place to live !



Help: Vital Home (val de Kayl)
Supported housing

26, rue de Tétange
L-3672 Kayl

T. : (+352) 27 55-3290
F. :
(+352) 27 55-3291
Email. :


Senior Club

The Senior Club is primarily targeted toward independent people 50 years or older and has the same objectives: to actively engage its clients, help develop their abilities and skills, and encourage them to try new things while maintaining the best possible physical, psychological, and social health. The activities offered are diverse (sport activities, cultural activities, etc.) in order to allow clients to maintain a rich and rewarding social life.

The “Aterdakk” club opened its doors on April 1, 2012 following an agreement among the Beckerich, Rédange, Ell, and Rambrouch communes, the Ministry of Family Affairs, and the Luxembourg Red Cross. This is based on the beautiful grounds of Colpach and activities are progressively introduced and organised on various sites throughout Redange. The people living in neighbouring communes are also welcome.



It should be noted that the Help network has 6 active Senior Clubs: the Mosaïque Club, the Club Senior “An der Loupescht”, the Syrdall Senior Club, the Muselheem Wasserbillig Senior Club,Atertdall Senior Club and theassociation Uelzechtdall.

Pour consulter les programmes des différents Clubs Senior veuillez suivre le lien suivant : Programmes des différents Clubs senior du réseau HELP


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