Legacy gifts and donations



Give for the future of others.

Every year, a number of people make the decision to bequeath their possessions to the Luxembourg Red Cross. It is a choice of solidarity, generosity, and humanity.


What is a legacy?

A legacy is the passing on, via a will, of a part or all of a person’s belongings. The inheritance becomes effective only after death. You can bequeath to the Red Cross a cash sum of money or account holdings, the full estate or title ownership of properties, securities (bonds and shares), plots of land, furniture, jewellery, works of art, life insurance, etc. The Red Cross is a recognised public benefit organization and is “exempt from tax revenues, stamp duty, registration and succession of all acts committed in its name or favour.”  

What does the Red Cross do with donated inheritances ?

The Luxembourg Red Cross will manage your inheritance with the greatest integrity and utmost discretion. How donated money is to be used is entirely your decision. The Red Cross will scrupulously follow your wishes and instructions. Nevertheless, to ensure that your choices on how your contributions should be used or who should receive them are respected, please contact us:

T. : 27 55-2100

If you do not wish to specify how your gifts are to be used, the Executive Committee of the Luxembourg Red Cross will decide on the most appropriate use of your legacy.


How to bequeath a legacy to the Red Cross?

To donate your legacy to the Red Cross, you can contact a solicitor or come directly to the Luxembourg Red Cross; we will then hand over your will, unopened, to our solicitor or to a solicitor of your choice. We do recommend that you employ the services of a solicitor, as this will be the most qualified person to write or proofread a will. Thanks to his/her expertise, you can rest assured that your wishes will be followed to the letter.

In every case you have to write your will. To do so you have three possibilities:

  • First, the authentic will: the testator dictates his or her will to the notary who writes it down in an official document.
  • Second, the holograph will: it is entirely written, dated, and signed by the hand of the testator. It is preferable that it is kept by a notary.
  • Third, the sealed will: in addition to being entirely written, dated, and signed by the testator, the will must be stamped and sealed so that the will of the testator is kept secret until his or her passing.

Please note that a will is always revocable by its author.

For more information about legacy and its formalities, please visit http://www.notariat.lu/.

Each legacy is a life project and we are at your disposal to provide more precise answers and develop with you an approach that suits you.



Act now and for a long time.

The donation is a deed that can be done at any time and by which a sum of money or goods are given by the donor during his or her lifetime. In this case the Red Cross becomes the owner. Note that the donation can be performed either by an individual or a corporation.

There are various donation forms.

Find the different donation options at:

www.philanthropie.lu/fr/ or on www.fdlux.lu/, advice site for people willing to make a donation.



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