The “Jugendgrupp” is situated in the former home of Mr. Norbert Ensch, who donated the building to the Red Cross. It now welcomes young people between the ages of 13 and 18.

These young people have been entrusted to the Luxembourg Red Cross upon the decision of the Youth Court or on request by the adolescent or his/her parents.


The objectives of the Jugendgrupp are the child’s development, teaching him/her to become independent, and the reintegration of minors into their families.


An individualised and tailored intervention

The Jugendgrupp offers tailored supervision and targets the adolescent through :

  • Systematic and constructive communication;
  • The development of a structure that makes the adolescent feel safe;
  • The organisation of weekly activities (climbing, museum visits, camping, etc.).

Regular sports activities are strongly encouraged because it often helps to facilitate psychological balance for adolescents who are facing painful or even traumatic situations.


The site

The building on 9, Kréintgeschaff (Contern) consists of :

  • 12 places ;
  • 2 rooms equipped and reserved for youth with disabilities ;
  • Large outside spaces.

Investing in the acquisition and/or development of sports facilities is considered particularly important and the creation of a mini football pitch, volleyball court, basketball court, Ping-Pong table, and fitness equipment is being considered.