Since the creation of the local section in Differdange in 1949, the Luxembourg Red Cross’s First-Aid volunteers have been committed to running an ambulance service and administering First-Aid to people in need.

Over the years, two other ambulance sections were created, one in Mondorf-les-Bains (established in 1975) and one in Luxembourg City (established in 1967).


The Differdange and Mondorf-les-Bains sections have since ceased their operations (in 2006 and 2003, respectively).

The only remaining section, Luxembourg City, currently has a fleet of response vehicles consisting of seven ambulances, including 2 intensive care ambulances and two basic ambulances. Because of these vehicles, the section can provide multiple services.


img_ambulances_th_mercedes_171pxWith the introduction of the ambulance services on 1st March 1991, the Red Cross responded to the growing demand from clinics to hire a professional paramedic. He was joined by three other professionals between 1993 and 2011.

Since 1st March 1991, the Luxembourg Red Cross’s ambulance service has transported over 36,041 patients, covered nearly 4 million kilometres, and assisted at more than 3,000 events of all kinds.

The Red Cross’s paramedics have also been demonstrated during their participation in FACE (the International Competition of the European Red Cross Societies).

This competition was organized multiple times by the Differdange section, the last time in 1997.