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Protect what’s most important to you—your freedom of movement. HELP24 is an emergency assistance system that allows you to live and move like you’re used to: independently, comfortably, and with complete serenity.

Whether you are inside your home or on the move, the HELP24 transmitter allows you to communicate with the assistance team and your loved ones at all times with the simple press of a button. And thanks to the optional GPS satellite locator, they can know your exact geographical location.

Having your handy HELP24 transmitter everywhere at all times will make your walks and excursions what they have always been: great moments to enjoy.

Thanks to HELP24, you remain in control of your life while reassuring those close to you that they can reach you at any time.


Discover our HELP24 brochure by clicking here to download the PDF in French and German


With HELP24, you decide what you want

There is no age limit to enjoying life! Giving you a guarantee of help whenever and wherever you need it, HELP24 lets you choose how you move and spend your time while offering you optimal security. In fact, the system works through an easy-to-use transmitter for comfort and fool proof security.

Discrete and simple, it fits in the palm of your hand or can be attached like a wrist watch. This way, it won’t bother you throughout your day or night. With the simple press of a button, you will immediately be communicated with a call centre that is ready to send an intervention team 24 hours a day.


How does HELP24 work ?

The transmitter combines the advantages of cell phones and geo-location by satellite. Several options are available; it is you who decides the different functions of the transmitter. According to the level of security you choose, the transmitter will allow you to :

  • Send a signal to the call centre ;
  • Vocally contact the centre ;
  • Integrate a loved one’s phone number ;
  • Automatically locate you through GPS ;
  • Incorporate a daily control option ;
  • Connect to other devices that protect your home.


To learn more about HELP24 and its uses or to make an appointment, contact the Helpline at 26 70 26 or via info@help.lu or the info-educative platform.


Info-Educational platform

The info-educational platform is a meeting place dedicated to listening to our clients and directing them, based on need, toward the different support and aid structures offered in Luxembourg’s health services.

Different health professionals aim to answer your questions and guide you :

  • An Occupational Therapist (OT) will advise the client on their choices regarding physical assistance and the adaptation of their home with the goal of optimising independence in their daily activities (movement, hygiene, dressing, etc.). The OT will also be able to analyse your functional capacities.
  • A physiotherapist will explain to the client the specifics and procedures of home-care.
  • A specialized nurse who works with pain and palliative care will explain the support opportunities provided by new Luxembourg legislation.
  • An antenna manager will speak with the client about how the network functions and the steps to covering HELP under dependence insurance. He or she will explain the specifics of the client’s individual care in managing the illness or handicap, and also about the specific treatment protocols.
  • A psychologist will discuss psychological support available, what is covered under insurance, and how to apply for receiving psychological support at home under this insurance. He or she will also be able to guide you toward services and institutions that help with specific problems.

The info-educational platform contains information about associations in Luxembourg that are linked to health and can guide you toward appropriate organisations. Today, there are many assistive technologies that adapt to diverse needs; this is why different associations and suppliers allow demonstrations. The bathroom demo provides an initial idea of the various design possibilities and it is possible to test these adaptations in private.



The info-educational service of the HELP network is located in the old janitor’s building at the Emile Mayrisch Hospital Centre, 54, rue Emile Mayrisch in Esch-sur-Alzette.

The service can be visited on request; make an appointment at 26 70 26 or via email at info@help.lu

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