Group “Reebou”

This community Reebou welcomes children aged 4-18.

A psychological and educational project is prepared for each child. This contains a psycho-pedagogic profile (description of the child), medical records, school transcripts, the situation within the family, and educational goals.

The reception into the group can mean an additional trauma for the child. Collaboration (if possible) with the family is one of the ways that we enable the child’s development during his/her stay.



The care team focuses on social integration and personal development.

The children have their own rooms, which they can personalise as they please, as well as access to a number of activities. These are fun activities which occur in safe and welcoming environments :

  • Airtramp (once a week, outside of the facility)
  • Workshops for making dolls, DIY, etc.
  • Library and music room
  • Sports: basketball, football
  • Gardening, according to the season


The children visit sports fields or other clubs regularly: basketball, football, gymnastics, scouts, etc.

They spend their summer vacations in holiday camps which they pick.



The children received by “Am Schlass” come from families who need help in their relationships with their child.

For this reason, activities and events are organised outside the centre and supervised by professionals. Working together with families is an important part of the children’s lives during their stay in the reception center.

The parents get the chance to accompany their child to appointments (doctor visits, therapy, etc.). They visit their children regularly. The children can also spend a few days, weekends, or holidays with their parents. 



The care team is currently made up of 6 educators (“éducateurs diplômés” or “éducateurs gradués”) together with a psychologist.

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