Group Henri Dunant

The reception centre Henri Dunant accommodates adolescent girls and boys who are between 12 and 18 years of age .

The house Henri Dunant is a reception centre of the Centre d’Accueil Norbert Ensch. Currently 9 adolescents, 5 boys and 4 girls, live there. Each of them has their own room which they can personalize according to their tastes.

The adolescents are taken care of by educators and a psychologist.



During the school year, we help them with their homework, accompany them to the doctor and help with a number of other things. We also offer a number of activities. Once a week, we organise an activity chosen by the adolescents.

These activities can be held outside (such as swimming, karting, football, etc.) or inside. We also run a workshop for woodworking or DIY in general.

During the summer holidays we organise a summer camp, either with the whole group or individually. In the winter we go skiing.


Goals of the group

To cooperate with the parents and the youth to enable the adolescent to eventually move back home.

We also try to prepare the adolescents with life skills in the area of social integration and assist with academic and career training.



The adolescents are taken care of by 6 educators (3 full-time workers, two 30-hours-per-week workers, and one part-time worker) and one psychologist.