Perspectives – Supervised Housing and Professional Integration

The service “Perspectives” welcomes 18- to 26-year-old young adults who are experiencing social difficulties. It offers socio-educational guidance based on their situation and their life. The young person must want to change their current situation and set objectives regarding their personal and professional future.

In order to effectively help the young people it takes on, “Perspectives” focuses on three main areas :

  • Making housing arrangements;
  • Supervising and supporting the youth (e.g. life coaching);
  • Professional integration.




Housing is an important tool in teaching the young adults we provide for. It is a first step towards professional integration and reinsertion into society.

Accommodation is tailored to the needs and level of autonomy of the young adult and allow them to integrate or reintegrate into the school system, training, or a paid professional activity which helps them financially.

To make their housing situation more realistic and to train them for real life, the young people must pay rent as well as application fees. The housing is in itself a form of learning about life and we must therefore allow the young person to assume responsibility. If the housing was paid for, the young people wouldn’t be able to learn as much about how to be autonomous.


Supervision and support

Training is based on each youth’s competences, knowledge, and manners. The young person must acquire skills on these four levels :

  • Emotional ;
  • Social ;
  • Cognitive ;
  • Professional.

With regard to professional knowledge, collaborations are planned with the young people’s bosses and the vocational training center, the Chamber of Trade and Employment Administration.


Professional Integration

Being marginalised in employment creates a socially and economically precarious situation. The lack of financial resources weakens the living conditions for those facing this problem, and they are then forced to turn to social assistance to cover their basic material needs.

However, the objective of “Perspectives” is to help young adults to (re)gain their independence.

The service’s objective is to either get the young person into an appropriate training course or introduce them into a workplace with relevant training.

The service “Perspectives” works in accordance with the measures proposed by the state in its National Action Plan for Employment. The service only provides assistance for a limited time-frame; the longest contract available is 24 months and cannot be extended beyond this duration.

In 2012, six young adults were being supported in their professional integration in collaborating firms.


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