How do the Croix-Rouge Butteks (Social Groceries) work?


In order to prevent misuse, social services objectively analyse whether a person is eligible to shop at a Croix-Rouge Buttek. Only those in true need can become customers, and once they have been authorised they receive a personalised access card.

In order to meet the demand of disadvantaged people, a number of groceries have been established all over the country.

These shops are open 5 days a week and offer a vast array of food and household products :

  • Staple foods
  • Fresh produce
  • Care products
  • Cleaning products

In order to respect the dignity of our customers and appeal to their sense of responsibility, financial participation (about one third of the market-price) is required from them.


The products

img_epicerie_sociale_panier_364pxSeveral suppliers provide their products for free or at a very low price to our central warehouse, Spëndchen a.s.b.l., who then organises their distribution to the different groceries.

In many cases, the companies involved avoid wasting food from overproduction, incorrect deliveries, or business closures. Customers of the Croix-Rouge Buttek therefore enjoy fresh, high-quality goods.

The social groceries are a joint project of Caritas Luxembourg and the Luxembourg Red Cross, in cooperation with the Ministry of Family Affairs. This initiative is a continuation of national efforts as it complements and builds upon existing food and material provisions in Luxembourg.