Families in distress

Hundreds of families suffer major crises every day. It is often the children who suffer the most. Psychological problems, domestic violence, alcoholism, and addiction, for example, affect children or their parents, and these problems often cause tension that can be resolved. Many services, presented below, are offered by the Luxembourg Red Cross to help these families resolve their conflicts.



Families First Luxembourg

If your household is going through a serious family crisis, the service Family First Luxembourg (FLL) intervenes for a period of 6 to 8 weeks to help your family find balance and to prevent the placement of your children in an institution or foster home. …find out more

Kannerhaus Jean

The therapeutic centre Kannerhaus Jean provides mentoring and support for your children suffering from behavioural disorders and supports you throughout the therapies.. Through interaction with animals, among other methods, the center offers innovative and personalised therapies. … find out more

Social Offices

The Social Offices support, inform, and guide you through all sorts of family issues … find out more

Material help

If you are confronted with financial difficulties, the Red Cross can get you essential material help (clothes, furniture and equipment, food, etc.) … find out more

Day Care Centres

The Day Care Centres of the Red Cross take care of your children during the day while you are at work and offer them activities that are both educational and fun, as well as tutoring. Find the Day Care Centre closest to you. … find out more 



For more information

The Red Cross of Luxembourg cannot meet all needs, but it has developed a catalog of associations that deal with specific problems not addressed by our services.

If none of the services presented here correspond to your need, contact the telephone helpline 2755, or e-mail us at: info@croix-rouge.lu or the Helpline.web page.

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