dropIn – Service for sex workers


The dropIn is a free service for sex workers which offers medical care and social, psychological, and material support to every sex-worker in need. The service also fights against social exclusion of sex workers and organises prevention campaigns on sexually transmitted diseases.

This department is open to every female and male sex worker, transvestite or transsexual, professional or occasional, without distinction as to nationality, status (legal or illegal), or age.

As a safe, neutral, and anonymous space, the service respects people without morally judging their life choices. Listening to the visitors is at the center of the team’s work, followed by taking care of the beneficiaries. Feeling solidarity with sex-workers, dropIn works towards bettering their life conditions and defending their interests.

The dropIn’s major objectives are :

  • Defending sex workers’ interests ;
  • Attending to their needs ;
  • Fighting for a better quality of life ;
  • Showing solidarity ;
  • Denouncing any form of discrimination ;
  • Being accessible and ready to listen ;
  • Preventing health problems (vaccines, etc.).



In 1995, a vaccination program against hepatitis was organised. The demand was too great and the needs too varied. The creation of a service exclusively aimed at sex workers without any discrimination based on age, nationality, or gender became essential.

Therefore, the voluntary workers of the Red Cross Aidsberodung and Stop Aids Now asbl became active in the area of the central station in Luxembourg City to raise sex workers’ awareness of the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection and other sexually transmitted diseases and infections (STDs and STIs).

The dropIn service opened its doors on 28th October 1998. Today, more and more sex workers benefit from our social and medical services and from the team’s human presence.


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