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From 1st to 30th April, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg supported the Luxembourg Red Cross in its mission to help families in crisis. Flags, posters, leaflets, outdoor street activities, charity events, and, most notably, around 2,000 volunteers helped collect donations for the Red Cross from all over the country. This is the Donation Month “Mois du Don”!

An important annual Red Cross event

Since 1945, the Donation Fortnight, now the Donation Month “Mois du Don”, has been a crucial event for the Luxembourg Red Cross. Today it represents the primary source of annual donations, be it through door-to-door collections, more traditional Red Cross fundraising, or events and special projects organised specifically for the occasion. The Donation Month enables the Red Cross to pursue its day-to-day activities in the areas of health, social care, youth services, and humanitarian aid.

Actions essential for raising awareness and collecting donations


Throughout these 4 weeks, more than 2,000 volunteers visit households, businesses, and organisations across the country to solicit donations. These door-to-door visits bring us closer, creating a link that enables the public to hear and learn about Red Cross activities first hand.

The Donation Month “Mois du Don” also includes numerous events and projects. Organized by members of the Red Cross’s local sections, as well as by individual volunteers and corporate partners, these events help raise awareness and collect donations.



Support the Red Cross !
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Why should I make a donation?

The Red Cross is able to help those in need primarily thanks to the financial support and voluntary work offered by the general public.

  • For those services subsidised in part or in whole by the State, or benefiting from a contract with the Union des Caisses de Maladie, donations are needed for the purchase of materials and equipment or for the set-up of particular projects, giving true added value to the beneficiaries of these services.
  • Such services, be they entirely or partially voluntary, are dependent upon the support of individuals and businesses.
  • The launch of new activities and the creation of new services in response to Luxembourg’s social and health care needs require significant investment.
  • Many humanitarian, construction, and development projects, be they national or international, involve large-scale borrowing.
  • Intervention in the aftermath of a natural disaster requires the Red Cross to free emergency funds.


How can I make a donation ?

You can make a donation to the Red Cross under the Donation Month “Mois du Don” in the following ways:

Donations made to the Luxembourg Red Cross are tax deductible as “special expenses” for a minimal annual sum of €120 and less than 20 % of total net revenue (or €1,000,000). In the highest tax bracket and for an amount of €120, you will be donating around €74. The remainder will be deducted as tax.


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