New Questionnaires from 9th December 2014 on

In order to improve our blood transfusion safety regulations in accordance with international standards, we have revised our blood donor suitability criteria as well as our medical questionnaire.

The revised MEDICAL QUESTIONNAIRE will be applicable to all donors from Tuesday 9th of December 2014 on.

Below you can already consult said revised questionnaire by clicking on the link.


Regular Donor Questionnaires from 9th December 2014 on

Regular Donor Questionnaire – French (PDF)
Regular Donor Questionnaire – English (PDF)
Regular Donor Questionnaire – German (PDF)


New Donor Questionnaire from 9th December 2014 on

New Donor Questionnaire – French (PDF)
New Donor Questionnaire – English (PDF)
New Donor Questionnaire – German (PDF)