Become a partner


Together, create synergies for solidarity!

For nearly a century, the Luxembourg Red Cross has dedicated itself every day to multiple types of activities. Building on its expertise and its actions in the Grand-Duchy, the Red Cross invests its time in the less fortunate and most vulnerable by contributing to areas such as health, social care, and humanitarian aid. The Red Cross is able to do this by mobilising the power of humanity.

Acting through us.

Your organisation can realise its social commitment by supporting the Red Cross’s actions. For several years, we have built innovative relationships with organisations such as companies, government agencies, foundations, and associations. These relationships have allowed the Red Cross to expand its activities for the less fortunate, all while building positive relations with partners. 


Every organisation can contribute.

The Luxembourg Red Cross helps any organisation who is willing to commit itself contribute in the most effective way. The Red Cross considers the organisation’s means and resources and constructs projects to contribute in the most appropriate manner.

Ideas for corporate partnerships include:

  • Demonstrating your employees skills
  • Financially supporting our projects
  • Internally involving your employees
  • Organising a project for solidarity and fundraising (teambuilding, collecting donations, etc.)
  • Providing you with media resources

The Red Cross is recognized as an organisation of public utility and donations equal to or greater than 120 euros and less than 10% of total net revenue are tax deductible as a special expense.

For more information about collaborating with the Luxembourg Red Cross, please consult other sections of this website or contact:


Adresse : 44, boulevard Joseph II – L-1840 Luxembourg

T. : (+352) 27 55-2100
E. : communication@croix-rouge.lu