Become a volunteer

One of the seven fundamental principles of the International Movement of Red Cross and Red Crescent is voluntary service.


Voluntary work – which is defined as involvement which is given freely by people who act for others, or for the common good, in a structure extending beyond that of a single family or friendly mutual aid – is central to the operation of the Luxembourg Red Cross. The involvement of thousands of volunteers is essential to ensure the continuation of its activities in the fields of health, social, youth and humanitarian support. All the volunteers represent a great asset because, beyond their own skills, they offer humanity, the first principle of the Movement of the Red Cross.

Why get involved? – Volunteering is above all an altruistic gesture but it is also a win/win involvement. The volunteer, who is providing an action or a service, is also getting something in return. To make themselves useful, gain some personal satisfaction, to dedicate their spare time to others, to benefit from the experience, to acquire new skills, to defend a cause or quite simply to want to do a good deed, are some of the many reasons that volunteers help at the Red Cross. The Luxembourg Red Cross can offer much variety to those in voluntary work.