Luxembourg Red Cross Youth

Luxembourg Red Cross Youth is led by a committee of 14 members. This committee makes the strategic decisions regarding the activities of the Vacation Service and all actions and activities around youth.

This committee meets every 6 weeks in Bertrange at the new site of Youth services: Maison de la Jeunesse, 10, Cité Henri Dunant, L-8095 Bertrange. Committee members are designated by the executive committee of the Luxembourg Red Cross for a 3-year, renewable term. Committee members are elected by the members of the Red Cross Youth.

Currently, this committee is presided over by Her Royal Highness the Princess Marie-Astrid and also includes the following members:

  • Jerry Fellens – Wincheringen
  • Carine Grosch – Bech
  • Ghislaine Hoerold – Ehnen
  • Myri Kies – Hesperange
  • Sandra Kies – Bettel
  • Cathia Loor – Oetrange
  • Claude Martini – Dudelange
  • Philipp Müller – Bertrange
  • Tania Müller – Kleinbettingen
  • Romain Peters – Larochette
  • Pascal Schiltz – Fingig
  • Liz Theis – Luxembourg
  • Mia Weydert – Dudelange
  • Laura Zieser – Luxembourg

The committee consists of 4 working groups that meet between committee meetings. Each working group includes committee members plus volunteers of Luxembourg Red Cross Youth. Each working group has a secretary who is responsible for organising the operation of his or her group. Currently, the following groups are in place:

  • Training
  • Summer camps / vacations
  • Volunteering
  • External communication