Program for Companies

This First Aid Program is held for Companies and Organizations by the Luxembourg Red Cross as well as the “Corps Grand-Ducal d’Incendie et de Secours” (Protection Civile) all throughout the year.

The Red Cross Program is the same as foreseen by Luxembourgish legislation.


First Aid Course

The training of staff leads to an improvement of the risk management of an organisation. This program is held for employees and covers the topics of safety and health at work.

The First Aid Course is given in Luxembourgish, French, German and English.

This program consists of 16 hours of theoretical and practical lessons. The instructor will evaluate each participant at the end before receiving their First Aid Certification.

Between 12 and 25 participants per course are required. The fee for an individual course is 1700€.

The course is held by First Aid Instructors nominated by the Ministry of the Interior.


We are organizing regulary First Aid courses at our Training Centre for Companies who cannot arrange to have the minimum of 12 participants per course.

The costs per participant will be 145€.


In German:

PE201901, the 18/01/2019 and the 01/02/2019 from 09:00 at 17:00

PE201904, the 03/06/2019 and the 14/06/2019 from 09:00 at 17:00

PE201908, the 08/11/2019 and the 15/11/2019 from 09:00 at 17:00

In French:

PE201902, the 08/02/2019 and the 11/02/2019 from 09:00 at 17:00

PE201905, the 21/06/2019 and the 28/06/2019 from 09:00 at 17:00

PE201906, the 11/10/2019 and the 18/10/2019 from 09:00 at 17:00

PE201909, the 22/11/2019 and the 29/11/2019 from 09:00 at 17:00

In English:

PE201903, the 13/05/2019 and the 24/05/2019 from 09:00 at 17:00

PE201907, the 21/10/2019 and the 25/10/2019 from 09:00 at 17:00


Inscription and Informations: 2755-4404 and formation.secours@croix-rouge.lu


The frequency of lessons can be adapted to the availability of the staff. The lessons preferably take place in the Organization’s office in an appropriate room. If this is not possible, a room at our Training facilities can be booked.



To book one of these courses, please download the appropriate form below:

Cours de premiers secours pour entreprises

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