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Duration and costs

There are no admission criteria regarding age or pathology. Everyone who has been hospitalised and who has a doctor’s prescription for a recovery course will be admitted.

The only exclusion criteria are dementia and alcoholism. If the treatment is authorised by the Caisse Nationale de Santé, the participation of a patient will only cost €26.27 a day.

We offer patients who have undergone major surgery, have been hospitalised for a long time, or have a serious disease a recovery course of maximum 21 days.

Patients are admitted (following confirmation) alone or accompanied from 9-10am, ready with a number of documents.



Contact the service at the following address. To find out more about this service, please see the pages that are dedicated to it.

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T. : 27 55-4300

F. : 27 55-4301

E. : convalescence@croix-rouge.lu

Admission of new patients:

Monday to Friday : 9am – 10am. 

Address :

1, rue d’Ell

L-8527 Colpach Bas

Contact person:

Jean-Philippe Schmit, director