Blood Transfusion Centre


The Blood Transfusion Centre may be contacted at the following address and phone number. To find out more about the centre, browse the following pages.

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T. : 27 55-4000
F. : 27 55-4001

New donor registration: transfusion.secretariat@croix-rouge.lu
Contact for regular blood donors:


Address :
42, Bd Joseph II, L-1840 Luxembourg » Map
B.P. 404 L-2014

Contact persons:

Dr. Anne Schumacher


Opening hours: 

Monday, Tuesday and Friday: 8am-4pm;

Wednesday and Thursday: 8am-6pm.

Closed on Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays.


External Collection Calendar

Below are the dates and places of external donations by the Blood Transfusion Centre.


External donation locations:

Collecte Externe Bettembourg
Centre Louis Ganser
9, Rue Veille
L-3284 Bettembourg


Collecte Externe Clervaux
Résidence les Ardennes
86, Grand-Rue
L-9711 Clervaux


Collecte Externe Differdange
Centre Médico-social
23, Grand-Rue
L-4575 Differdange


Collecte Externe Dudelange
Centre Médico-social
56, Rue du Parc
L-3445 Dudelange


Collecte Externe Redange-sur-Attert

13 Grand-Rue
L-8510 Redange-sur-Attert.

Collecte Externe Echternach
Centre Médico-social
65, rue André Duchschner
L-6434 Echternach


Collecte Externe Esch/Alzette
Maison Médicale d’Esch
70, Rue Emile Mayrisch
L-4240 Esch-sur-Alzette


Collecte Externe Ettelbruck
Centre Médico-social
1, Avenue J.F Kennedy
L-9053 Ettelbruck


Collecte Externe Grevenmacher
Stadion „OP FLOHR“
Rue du Stade


Collecte Externe Wiltz
Villa Faber
9, Avenue Nicolas Kreins
L-9536 Wiltz