How to donate?

Your donation makes a difference

Turn your compassion into hard action by participating today in our national and international efforts.

The society of the Luxembourg Red Cross is recognized by the law of August 16, 1923 and can therefore receive cash donations deductible by the donor as special expenses within the limits set by Article 109 paragraph 1 No. 3 of the Law on Income Tax.

As a member of “Confidential Donations,” a.s.b.l, the Luxembourg Red Cross is obliged to follow a Code of Good Conduct which governs the management of the donations and assures transparency with the donor. For more information, visit www.donenconfiance.lu.


How to donate?

Donating online allows you to donate one time or recurrently to the Red Cross in general, to support a specific project, to make a donation in the name of someone, or to support collective action.

 Make a difference today!


Download, complete, and sign the transfer document, then return it to the part of your bank that is in charge of transferring your donation to the Red Cross.Download, complete, and sign the standing order form, then return it to your bank. You may choose to set up a monthly, trimester, or semester transfer.

You can also send a transfer to one of our accounts.

Why donate?

If the Luxembourg Red Cross is helping the most vulnerable, it is primarily due to the financial support and volunteer work of the general public.

The operation of services completely or partially depends on voluntary support from individuals and businesses;

The launching of new activities and the creation of new services in response to social and sanitary needs in Luxembourg need important investments.

The contracted services that are completely or partially with the State, and the services benefitting from a contract with the National Bureau of Health, need donations to be able to offer real value to beneficiaries through buying materials or setting up specific projects.

A large number of humanitarian projects including construction and development, both national and international, involve a large amount of financing.

The necessary interventions following natural catastrophes bring the Luxembourg Red Cross to provide emergency funds.

The financial support of the public guarantees our autonomy and independent action, as well as our reaction and innovation in facing the evolving needs of our society.

Fiscal Advantages, how to benefit?

Only financial donations are deductible.

The annual cumulative amount of donations must be at least 120 Euros.

The annual maximum deductibility is limited to 20% of net income and 1,000.000 Euros (cumulative conditions).

If these limits are surpassed, the non-deductible amount can be reported in the next two fiscal years.

Obtaining the fiscal deduction is only possible by the annual fiscal declaration (no reflection on the tax card).

The non-resident taxpayers related to tax-resident taxpayers (border situations) can claim the donation under the tax by assessment.

Bank Transfer

Download the Bank transfer form. Complete the form, sign and hand it in to the relevant Bank.

Standing Order

The donations by standing order allow a transfer either by month, trimester, semester, or year to the Luxembourg Red Cross.

Once the document is completed and printed, send it to your bank which will put the order in place.

Download the Standing Order Form (PDF)

Our Bank Accounts

To give a financial donation to the Luxembourg Red Cross, use one of the account numbers below.

Compte chèques postaux : IBAN LU52 1111 0000 1111 0000 (for transfers from abroad : BIC CCPLLULL)

Banque et Caisse d’Epargne de l’Etat : IBAN LU79 0019 1000 1279 4000 (for transfers from abroad: BIC BCEELULL)

Banque et Caisse Raiffeisen : IBAN LU62 0090 0000 0477 7009 (for transfers from abroad: BIC CCRALULL)

Banque Dexia BIL : IBAN LU50 0023 1017 5400 0000 (for transfers from abroad: BIC BILLLULL)

BGL BNP Paribas : IBAN LU32 0030 0422 0039 0000 (for transfers from abroad: BIC BGLLLULL)

Banque de Luxembourg: IBAN LU47 0080 4013 9000 1003 (for transfers from abroad: BIC BLUXLULL)

If the amount collected surmounts the needs for the projects, or operational constraints don’t allow the project to continue, the Luxembourg Red Cross will use the funds for other programs of the same nature with conformity to their objective.

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