Reception Centre Norbert Ensch

The facility “Centre d’Accueil Norbert Ensch” is a home designed for young children and adolescents facing difficulties. It aims to provide them with a stable environment where there are rules which respect the right of every individual and provide enough free space for personal development. The goal is to work intensively with children and parents in order to enable the reintegration into the family.

A juvenile court judge makes assignments to the facility based on opinions of external experts such as social workers. The causes for inclusion into the facility are varied and serious: examples include domestic violence, abuse, or child neglect. Parents as well as adolescents can request voluntary enrollment when difficult problems arise within the family.

Parents are included as much as possible in the everyday life of their children (doctor visits, school events, etc. We support young people in their education and help them find their first job or apprenticeship in order to help them become independent and autonomous.

The reception centre “Maison Norbert Ensch” is composed of 5 groups that are categorised based on the age of the participants and their needs :