Mission and Concept of the Convalescent Centre

The Convalescent Centre in Colpach Castle has the mission to help with the physical, physiological, and psychological recovery of people in convalescence.

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Therapeutic Convalescence


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Convalescence is normally seen as being the period which someone requires to recover after a hospitalisation or an illness. However, this often means that the person in question remains passive physically, while the intellectual well-being is often not considererd either.

Therapeutic convalescence, as it is practised by the Centre, has the goal to design the person’s stay in a useful way. Indeed, relaxation is only useful if it is accompanied by an appropriate activity. There are several types:

  • intellectual and psychological activities (reflection, learning new things, working on oneself) ;
  • physical activities (mobility of joints, strength, stamina, getting back to a healthy physical state) ;
  • physiological activities (physical exercise to improve blood circulation, digestion, respiration, etc.) ;
  • learning (new techniques for daily tasks, using a walking aid, a new diet, etc.).

A preventative mission

The therapeutic treatments are more and more becoming a preventative mission. Indeed, all activities which are part of the therapeutic convalescence are related to three main aspects, namely  :

  • the return of the person to their previous living space ;
  • prevention (to eliminate the risk of the appearance or the deterioration of an illness or a health problem as much as possible) ;
  • making the person aware of the new responsibilities which their condition brings with itself.

To accompany them on their way, the Centre offers its patiens the possibility to consult a large number or professionals who put their skills and tools at their disposition.


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