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(Français) La 16e édition du concert de bienfaisance à la Philharmonie 26.04.2019

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Concert de gala en faveur de la Croix-Rouge, le 23 avril 2019 à la Philharmonie 02.04.2019

Concert de bienfaisance en faveur de la Croix-Rouge luxembourgeoise 2019

Le concert de gala annuel en faveur de la Croix-Rouge luxembourgeoise, placé sous le Haut Patronage de S.A.R. la Grande-Duchesse, aura lieu au Grand Auditorium à la Philharmonie.

(Français) Témoignage de Ramona, 22 ans 25.10.2011

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(Français) Témoignage de Pascal, 19 ans 25.10.2011

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(Français) Témoignage de Laura, 16 ans 21.10.2011

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Youth holiday camps 30.09.2011

Contact the service at the following address. To find out more about this service, please see the pages dedicated to it.

Our Holiday Homes 17.08.2011

The Red Cross owns 2 holiday homes that are available for rent to other groups. The homes are managed by a team which provides maintenance and meals for the entire group.

CONTACT for information and reservation:

Monsieur Patrick Morn

T. : 2755 6203

Mail: patrick.morn@croix-rouge.lu

Presentation of the holiday camps 28.07.2011


The Luxembourg Red Cross’s holiday camps allow children and adolescents of all abilities and from all social environments to enjoy their holidays at a low cost.

Formulaire d’inscription v.2.7version site croix-.rouge


A service for all children

Children of all abilities between 4 and 17 years old may participate in the holidays offered by the Red Cross. Anyone who is interested should inform the organizers in advance of any special needs or special care required to better prepare our team of volunteers.


Holidays for all tastes

The Red Cross offers nineteen different holidays which provide :

  • New adventures
  • New discoveries
  • Activities
  • Fun
  • Recuperation
  • Relaxation


Activities are staffed by enthusiastic young volunteers

The holidays are planned and organised by qualified staff. The leaders and those responsible for the groups – students and socio-educative professionals or experienced counselors – are unpaid staff volunteering during their free time.

For more information on volunteering possibilities for young people : www.fraiwellechwell.lu.





Calculated based on the price of different activities, the holiday costs can change upon request, depending on income and parental situation (low income, high debt, single parent families, etc.). The cost includes transportation, accommodation, excursions, entry fees, and all taxes and insurance fees required for the holiday. The prices on the web page are approximations.

Check the winter and summer programs for the various fees.


Government vouchers

The Red Cross has signed an agreement with the Ministry of Family Affairs and Integration to accept government vouchers. To benefit from free access to these holiday activities, parents must :

  • Have registered their children into the voucher system before the holiday
  • Present a copy of their contract
  • Benefit from at least 15 hours a week of free support



Registration is confirmed once the registration form, parents’ authorisation, and medical form are filled out, signed, and sent to the Red Cross. For holidays abroad, an I.D. card and social security card are needed.

  Formulaire d’inscription v.2.7version site croix-.rouge


Your opinion counts. This is why we have created a suggestion box through which you can submit questions, requests and any other solution that could help us improve our service.



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Camp counselor training 15.07.2011

 Be a camp counselor at the Red Cross vacation camps!

Are you motivated? Do you want to be involved? Are you ready for a great experience? Participate in an interesting training course and become a camp counselor at the Red Cross vacation camps. Do you have friends who think likewise? Contact us! We look forward to meeting you!

Training program