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News and Activities 18.07.2011


The Luxembourg Red Cross’s Canine Section intervenes on a national level as well as abroad.

Its main missions are to search for :

  • Missing persons ;
  • Survivors of natural disasters.

Between 2005 and 2011, the Canine Section was involved with several successful actions in Luxembourg as well as in Haiti, Iran, Algeria, and Morocco.

Car Fleet 18.07.2011

The Luxembourg Red Cross’s rescue dog section owns a multi-functional car fleet suitable for a variety of situations :


Intervention vehicles :

On-call vehicle

The on-call vehicle is available for the dog handler or coordinator on-duty. In case of emergency, the handler or coordinator drives straight to the site and prepares the field for arriving teams.

This vehicle is equipped with topographical maps, communication equipment, first-aid kits, and signaling equipment.



Since the majority of our interventions occur in woods or places that are difficult to access, our all-terrain vehicle is a necessity. One of the vehicle’s advantages is that the emergency equipment can be used immediately and an injured person can be evacuated to a place more accessible to ambulances.

Technical facts :

Type : Land Rover Discovery 3
Built : 2007
Engine size : 2720 ccm3
Power : 140 kW / 190 ch
Seating : 5
Space for dogs : 2
Builder : Binz Ambulance, Ilmenau (Germany)


Coordination vehicle

The Coordination vehicle functions as a workplace, a coordination center, and a command post for our teams in the field. It is equipped with the necessary equipment for communication, topography, and first-aid, and also has signaling capabilities.

Technical facts :

Type : Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 316cdi
Built : 2006
Engine size : 2798 ccm3
Seating : 6
Space for dogs : 8
Builder : Binz Ambulance, Ilmenau (Germany)


Response vehicle

This multi-use vehicle is equipped with signaling equipment, first-aid kits, and rescue equipment. It is the first to arrive on the intervention site.

Technical facts :

Type : Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 319cdi
Built : 2010
Engine size : 2987 ccm3
Seating : 4
Space for dogs : 4
Builder : Binz Ambulance, Ilmenau (Germany)


Support vehicle

This car is used for transporting our support teams.

Technical facts :

Type : Volkswagen T5 Transporter (Shuttle)
Built : 2004
Engine size : 2500 ccm3
Seating : 5
Space for dogs : 4
Builder : self-made


Vehicles and trailers used for transportation and logistics

Transport vehicle

This vehicle is used for transporting equipment.

Technical facts :

Type : Ford Transit
Built : 2006
Engine size : 2200 ccm3
Power : 96 KW / 130 PS
Seating : 3



Logistics trailer

The logistics trailer is used for getting supplies to our teams during interventions, exercises, or other activities and events. It comes with a 6x8m tent.

Technical facts :

Type : Wörrmann « Bistrello »
Built : 2006
Maximum load authorized : 2 tons
Builder : Wörmann Anhänger


Other trailers








These trailers are for transporting equipment.

Technical facts :

Type : Saris
Built : 2001/1999
Maximum load authorized : 1,6 tons / 2 tons



Rescue Dogs Overview 18.07.2011

Founded on 27th April 1996 following the decision of the Luxembourg Red Cross (CRL) Executive Committee, the Rescue Dogs service is an integral part of the emergency services the Red Cross offers. It is a valuable tool in the search for missing persons in Luxembourg as well as abroad.