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(Français) Certification cynotechnique sur décombres 13.11.2012

(Français) La société de construction C. Jans soutient la section canine par un don de 1 000 euros 23.10.2012

Rescue-Dog Section 14.10.2011

Essential in the search for missing persons, both nationally and during overseas operations, the rescue-dog section’s mission consists of searching for missing persons and locating living victims

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If the donations collected exceed the needs of the project or that operational constraints do not allow the continuation of the action, the Red Cross Luxembourg will use the funds for programs of the same nature in conformity with its statutory object.

Rescue-dog section 28.09.2011

For more information on the rescue-dog section of the Red Cross of Luxembourg and its services, contact the person in charge. To find out more about this service, discover the pages that are dedicated to it.

Training: Cynotech Unit 20.07.2011

The Canine Section trains dogs and their owners over a period of two years.

Rescue Dogs Links 19.07.2011

News and Activities 18.07.2011


The Luxembourg Red Cross’s Canine Section intervenes on a national level as well as abroad.

Its main missions are to search for :

  • Missing persons ;
  • Survivors of natural disasters.

Between 2005 and 2011, the Canine Section was involved with several successful actions in Luxembourg as well as in Haiti, Iran, Algeria, and Morocco.

Rescue Dogs Overview 18.07.2011

Founded on 27th April 1996 following the decision of the Luxembourg Red Cross (CRL) Executive Committee, the Rescue Dogs service is an integral part of the emergency services the Red Cross offers. It is a valuable tool in the search for missing persons in Luxembourg as well as abroad.