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You are a professional 17.10.2011

“Little Charel is one of my students and I cannot understand the way he reacts in certain situations. He is an intelligent boy, but he does not pay attention. He is disruptive and cannot seem to make any friends among his classmates. I can talk to him about it, talk to his parents and so forth, but there is no improvement and consequently everyone else is paying the price …

You are adopted 17.10.2011

“I ask myself questions about my adoption and my birth parents… but I am afraid of hurting my parents …”

“I can’t help it. I swing from anger to sadness … Why was I abandoned, why me ? What did I do to deserve this ?”




You have doubts, you question yourself, you face real and difficult challenges … DO NOT stay alone: come and speak to our trained professionals.

The “Maison de l’Adoption” (Adoption Support Centre) offers free and confidential consultations by appointment. At any moment in life, something we thought of as a subject of the past can resurface in the present. This can become a constant worry and an obstacle to moving forward in life. Talking through these issues with a person you can trust will help you to move on and regain your confidence.


You are adoptive parents… 17.10.2011

“One is not born a parent; one grows to become a parent”


What support might you need ?


1. Support for new families

“Our child has been with us for 6 months. Every day brings improvement. What more could we do to help his integration into our family ?”

The “Maison de l’Adoption” (Adoption Support Centre) offers courses and workshops for parents and their adopted child(ren). These psychological and physical exercises are designed to support and deepen the family bond and encourage healthy child development. Play, have fun, and grow together.



Psychological and physical workshop “Hopplabumz” :

Following the example set by our colleagues Louise Authier and Armande Beaulieu, the “Maison de l’Adoption” in Luxembourg offers psychotherapy workshops for adoptive families. This series of eight workshops, each two hours in length, is especially designed for families with young adopted children.

These workshops aim to help create, sustain, and deepen a strong family bond and encourage healthy child development. Each session is divided into two smaller sections. The first is dedicated to the parents, designed to develop receptiveness and responsiveness to the child’s specific needs. The second focuses on interaction between parent and child through games and various specially adapted activities.

If your child is younger than 7 and has been adopted in the past 4 months, we suggest that you attend the psycho-physical workshop “Hopplabunz”.

It takes place on Saturdays from 9:30-11:30am.

… … … (please ask the secretary for workshop dates upon arrival)

There is a participation fee of €360 per family for the eight sessions.

If you are interested, we invite you to contact the “Maison de l’Adoption”

(Telephone 2755-6445 or -6444)

The Hopplabunz team looks forward to meeting you.


2. Helping you deal with specific challenges

“My son won’t let me cuddle him … I am afraid that he doesn’t like me. Am I a bad mother ?”

“We can cover him in kindness, amuse him, reassure him … we feel like nothing is ever enough, we are very tired …!”

You have doubts, you question yourself, you face real and difficult challenges … don’t hesitate, don’t wait: come and speak to specialised professionals.

The “Maison de l’Adoption” offers free and confidential consultations by appointment. Come and see us alone or with your child. We will work with you to understand your situation and together work toward an adapted solution.

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You would like to adopt 17.10.2011

Adopting a child is like climbing a large mountain: in sandals and a T-shirt, it would be a very difficult task. However, with the right preparation, training, and equipment, the task can become quite manageable!

Johanne Lemieux, Canadian adoption specialist


How do I prepare myself ?

Adoption Support Centre 29.09.2011

Contact the service at the following address. To find out more about this service, please see the pages dedicated to it.

“Maison de l’Adoption” (Adoption Support Centre) 18.08.2011

Today, starting a family through means of adoption has become quite common. This process does, however, have some particular differences that must be taken into consideration. With assistance and advice, the “Maison de l’Adoption” supports all those involved in adoption, helping them to keep to the right path throughout their journey.