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(Français) Témoignage de Sylvia Peters 25.10.2011

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Families First Luxembourg 30.09.2011


Contact the service at the following address. To find out more about this service, please see the pages dedicated to it.

Methods 07.07.2011


Procedure following intervention requests

The Families First Luxembourg service intervenes in families in crisis. It provides support following intervention services and other assistance programs. In doing so it ensures the continuity of its work.

The service only intervenes upon the request of a professional , such as the Youth Court, social service workers, or social workers from the Service Central d’Assistance Social (SCAS).

Families First Service Overview 07.07.2011

The Families First service, whose concept was developed in the USA under the name “Families First Project”, is an outpatient program which intervenes in families with children in critical situations.