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dropIn – service for sexworkers 29.09.2011

Contact the service at the following address. To find out more about this service, please see the pages dedicated to it.

Our resources 15.07.2011

The Luxembourg Red Cross’s clinic for sex workers provides the services and infrastructure required to welcome the people in need of the facility. From medical supplies to a comfortable environment, everything is available to offer sex workers (female and male) a user-friendly and warm space which provides them with what they need.

The spacious facilities include :

  • A needle exchange outside the building ;
  • A cafeteria with television ;
  • A lounge ;
  • A rest room ;
  • Showers ;
  • Lockers ;
  • Fully equipped doctor’s surgery.


The service also provides the necessary resources for the sex workers to communicate, rest, cook, wash, do laundry, or get changed. The following are also provided: telephones, microwaves, loan of towels and hygiene products, washing machines, lockers, etc.

They can get health prevention supplies (condoms, lubricants) on a daily basis, and cleaning supplies and underwear on a weekly basis.


The staff

Qualified and motivated staff are available at all times to ensure comprehensive follow-up care for users of the service.

The staff are particularly dedicated to their role as objective listeners and provide a non- judgmental welcome to everyone who uses the facility.

The staff includes :

  • One teacher ;
  • One social worker ;
  • A socio-educational assistant ;
  • Two nurses ;
  • Individuals who provide assistance during opening hours ;
  • A psychologist attached to the drop-In centre who works on an appointment basis ;
  • A social worker who is available without appointment on Wednesdays from 7-9pm.


Our medical staff is on duty every Wednesday from 8-10pm. A team of doctors ensures the surgery is always open at that time.

Twice a week, the drop-In team goes out onto the streets to meet directly with sex workers to give them information, condoms, lubricants and, in winter, hot coffee.

The drop-In dispensary is 100% registered for its basic operations.

dropIn – Service for sex workers 15.07.2011


The dropIn is a free service for sex workers which offers medical care and social, psychological, and material support to every sex-worker in need. The service also fights against social exclusion of sex workers and organises prevention campaigns on sexually transmitted diseases.