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Yua Group 24.04.2019

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(Français) Témoignage d’un bénéficiaire du Centre d’Acceuil 27.10.2011

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(Français) Témoignage de Haydi, bénéficiaire du groupe Zoé 25.10.2011

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Youth Support Centre Norbert Ensch 28.09.2011

Contact the service at the following address. To find out more about this service, please see the pages dedicated to it.

Zoé group 15.07.2011

Based in Contern, the Zoé group is a residence for young mothers (between 13 and 17 years old) and their children.

The stay within the Zoé group ends when the mother reaches 18 years of age. During the first three months after a mother has moved out of the facility, a follow-up on mother and child is provided by either the Zoé group or a qualified professional. In the cases of adoption, abortion, miscarriage, a still-born child, or an anonymous delivery, the young girls may remain in our care until an alternative accommodation has been found.


A place of support and meeting

The Zoé group is a place of :

  • Outside support detached from any family pressure
  • Meeting and sharing experiences among young girls who face similar situations and difficulties

The goal is to assist the young girls and their children in their daily lives by providing :

  • Shelter suiting their needs
  • Help with their studies
  • Psychological support


A place serving the young girls’ development and the well-being of their children

The objectives of the Zoé group are to :

  • Allow young mothers to experience a stress-free pregnancy and give birth under the best possible conditions
  • Help young mothers develop and maintain relationships with their children
  • Provide young mothers with information about their role as a mother while still an adolescent
  • Support them on physical and psychological levels
  • Offer them the possibility to either work or continue their studies
  • Engage the girls in activities appropriate to their age while assuring that their children are well taken care of by professionals


Educational staff and professional medical staff

A multidisciplinary and professional staff ensures :

  • Medical care within the facility including nurses, auxiliary nurses, and midwives
  • Education, ensuring comprehensive care


A welcoming place to live that has been adapted to the needs of young mothers and their children

Every mother has an individual room with all the necessary equipment for herself and the care of her child (baby bed, etc.).

Common rooms allow the mothers to come together. A playroom is also available for well-being and child development.



There are numerous available activities which aim to prepare these girls for delivery and motherhood :

  • Parenthood preparation courses taught by a midwife and an auxiliary nurse
  • Visits to various maternity wards in preparation of parenthood
  • Post-birth fitness classes
  • Information on breastfeeding
  • Participation in the courses offered by “Initiativ Liewensufank” (first aid, baby nutrition, etc.)
  • Aerobics for pregnant women
  • Jam making sessions
  • Regular meetings with other residents and the educational staff
  • Orientation and integration into the group’s nursery


Download the Zoé group booklet here :

Zoé and Yua group booklet (DE) (PDF)
Zoé and Yua group booklet (FR) (PDF)

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Judgendgrupp 15.07.2011

The “Jugendgrupp” is situated in the former home of Mr. Norbert Ensch, who donated the building to the Red Cross. It now welcomes young people between the ages of 13 and 18.

These young people have been entrusted to the Luxembourg Red Cross upon the decision of the Youth Court or on request by the adolescent or his/her parents.

Kannergrupp 15.07.2011

The “Kannergrupp” in Roodt/Syre accommodates children between 3 and 12 years old, either voluntarily or following a judge’s decision.

The goal of this group is to stabilise the children’s situations, to successfully reintegrate children into their families, and to promote positive social integration.

Group Henri Dunant 15.07.2011

The reception centre Henri Dunant accommodates adolescent girls and boys who are between 12 and 18 years of age .

The house Henri Dunant is a reception centre of the Centre d’Accueil Norbert Ensch. Currently 9 adolescents, 5 boys and 4 girls, live there. Each of them has their own room which they can personalize according to their tastes.

The adolescents are taken care of by educators and a psychologist.

Group “Reebou” 15.07.2011

This community Reebou welcomes children aged 4-18.

A psychological and educational project is prepared for each child. This contains a psycho-pedagogic profile (description of the child), medical records, school transcripts, the situation within the family, and educational goals.

Reception Centre Norbert Ensch 15.07.2011

The facility “Centre d’Accueil Norbert Ensch” is a home designed for young children and adolescents facing difficulties. It aims to provide them with a stable environment where there are rules which respect the right of every individual and provide enough free space for personal development. The goal is to work intensively with children and parents in order to enable the reintegration into the family.