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History 07.07.2011

Since the creation of the local section in Differdange in 1949, the Luxembourg Red Cross’s First-Aid volunteers have been committed to running an ambulance service and administering First-Aid to people in need.

Over the years, two other ambulance sections were created, one in Mondorf-les-Bains (established in 1975) and one in Luxembourg City (established in 1967).


The Differdange and Mondorf-les-Bains sections have since ceased their operations (in 2006 and 2003, respectively).

The only remaining section, Luxembourg City, currently has a fleet of response vehicles consisting of seven ambulances, including 2 intensive care ambulances and two basic ambulances. Because of these vehicles, the section can provide multiple services.


img_ambulances_th_mercedes_171pxWith the introduction of the ambulance services on 1st March 1991, the Red Cross responded to the growing demand from clinics to hire a professional paramedic. He was joined by three other professionals between 1993 and 2011.

Since 1st March 1991, the Luxembourg Red Cross’s ambulance service has transported over 36,041 patients, covered nearly 4 million kilometres, and assisted at more than 3,000 events of all kinds.

The Red Cross’s paramedics have also been demonstrated during their participation in FACE (the International Competition of the European Red Cross Societies).

This competition was organized multiple times by the Differdange section, the last time in 1997.

Our Offers 07.07.2011

Thanks to our skilled staff and our efficient tools, the Red Cross’s ambulance service possesses a cutting-edge medical infrastructure, which allows the transportation of ill people with the assistance of health professionals.


Medical Equipment

The Red Cross can offer a team of doctors and nurses, who are available on demand to assist the transportation of people who are suffering from a severe illness.

First Aid 07.07.2011

Courses and training to become a First Aid worker

Candidates who are at least 16 years old and who have completed the National Certificate for First Aid are eligible for this course. The paramedic training that the Red Cross proposes is strictly in Luxembourgish.



The training course is instructed by life-saving instructors and for certain topics by other specialists. The course takes a total of two years and is comprised of theoretical and practical sections. These sections are based upon the “Précis pour Ambulancier” (Handbook for Paramedics) edited by “l’Administration des Services de Secours” (Administration of Emergency Services).

The course is concluded by a test in front of a panel nominated by the Interior Ministry.

If you are interested in this activity, you can participate in one or more free trainings. These are offered throughout the entire year, except during the holidays.

A candidate taking part in this two year course must also participate in the training courses at the Ecole Nationale de la Protection Civile (National School for Civil Protection) and pass the theoretical and practical exams organised by them.

Courses in Luxembourg City take place at the Centre d’Intervention et de Formation (Intervention and Training Centre) located at the old Abattoir (rue de l’Abbatoir à Luxembourg, Hollerich) on Tuesdays from 8-9:30am in Luxembourgish.



The training program is set by the Interior Ministry and is identical to the course designed by the Administration des Service de Secours (Administration of Emergency Services).

It includes:

  • The ethics and duties of paramedics;
  • The cardiovascular system : basic knowledge of anatomy and the most important acute and chronic pathologies;
  • The respiratory system: basic knowledge of anatomy and the most important acute and chronic pathologies;
  • Cardiopulmonary resuscitation : theoretical and practical on dummies;
  • The most important chronic and acute neural pathologies;
  • Fractures : basic theoretical knowledge and practical knowledge, immobilization of fractures and positioning of patients;
  • Wounds and burns;
  • The most important infectious illnesses;
  • The most frequently encountered poisonings;
  • Childbirth;
  • The handling of medical equipment found in ambulances;
  • Relevant knowledge of rescue and fire fighting

General information regarding the Red Cross’s national and international activities completes the program.

Additional Training

The Paramedics Service that assures hospitalised patient transfers in intensive care or resuscitation, offers a specific training for assisting health professionals and for handling medical equipment.

Our services 07.07.2011

The Luxembourg Red Cross’s ambulance service, recognised by the Caisse Nationale de Santé, guarantees assisted ambulance transportation in Luxembourg as well as abroad, along with its presence at sports and cultural events.

img_ambulances_2_710pxThis service is targeted toward hospitals as well as at private citizens, offering them a specialized means of transportation. Its professional teams are comprised of 8 professionals and roughly 50 volunteers of all ages who have been trained as first-aid workers.

Volunteers for the Luxembourg Red Cross’s ambulance service are trained by first-aid professionals and Red Cross volunteers and attend a first-aid course held by Luxembourg Red Cross volunteer instructors.

img_ambulances_3_710pxTransport of people who are sick or disabled and repatriation

Red Cross ambulances guarantee the transportation of people in the following cases :

  • patient transportation to the hospital, doctor, or professional health careprovider;
  • transfers from one health care establishment to another (counseling, hospitalisation, convalescence, etc.);
  • inter-hospital transfers;
  • medical transport via specialised ambulances;
  • repatriations.

A quality service :

  • Punctual escorts who are available and attentive;
  • Qualifications recognized by the 112 service and the professional Luxembourg City firefighters;
  • Lifelong learning with continued updates of knowledge and regular validation of competences;
  • Long distance vehicles and cutting-edge medical infrastructures.

Ambulance service contacts


Find out more here (french version only)!


Presence at sports and cultural events

img_ambulances_secourisme_1_710pxUpon the request of sports and cultural event organizers, the Red Cross makes an ambulance available with at least two first-aid providers at each event.

If the organiser already has a professional heath service provider (doctor or nurse) available at the event, he or she may ask for an ambulance with a specialised team.

For large-scale events, organisers can ask for one or more first-aid tents with all the necessary material for their functioning.

Collaboration with the Luxembourg City Ambulance Service

The volunteer first-aid workers guarantee emergency interventions and transportation of injured people in cooperation with the professional Luxembourg City firefighters on weekends (from 8 pm Friday to 8pm Sunday) and during bank holidays.

Blood and organ transportation

First-aid ambulance workers are responsible every third week of the month for transferring blood from the Red Cross’s Blood Transfusion Centre to different hospitals in Luxembourg.

The service is also qualified and equipped for organ transportation in preparation for transplants.


The Luxembourg Red Cross ambulance service has signed several agreements with partner organisations.

For the mobile unit “MoVe” :

  • Registration administration (vehicle availability);
  • Grand Duchy Police (motorbike maintenance);
  • Autocenter Goedert (supplies bikes with clothes and helmets);
  • Euroline SA (offering motorbikes/bikes marking);
  • Adolf Hisgen Ltd (supply of motorbike helmets).
  • The Red Cross Blood Transfusion Centre for blood delivery and transportation;
  • The Red Cross’ “Aidsberodung” for management of the intervention vehicles’ maintenance and their cooperation in the “DIMPS” project (mobile intervention unit for the promotion of sexual health);
  • Professional Luxembourg City firefighters in order to guarantee ambulance interventions.


Prices and repayment conditions depend on the service(s) provided. The ambulance service is at your disposal for any further information.

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