Donate during “Mois du Don”

This year’s Red Cross “Mois du Don” takes place from March 30 to April 30. This month is the largest annual fundraising event for the Luxembourg Red Cross.
Donations collected during “Mois du Don” support initiatives in all areas of Red Cross work. For example, Red Cross Social Grocery Stores provide people affected by poverty with food and daily products at about one-third of market prices. As a result, these persons’ purchasing power increases, and at the same time they gain access to fresh, quality products.

In the humanitarian field, the Luxembourg Red Cross works in the poorest countries of the world to help the most vulnerable. For several years, it has concentrated its efforts in the field of housing, particularly in emergency response and reconstruction – such as currently in Mozambique, where hundreds of thousands of people have lost their houses.

For Marc Crochet, Deputy Secretary General of the Luxembourg Red Cross, “these donations allow us help independently and quickly. If an emergency occurs, the money raised during “Mois du Don” allows us to immediately help those in need without compromising.”

Help us help. Every gesture counts.

  • 50€

    Help the most vulnerable

    With a donation of 50€, you can help Claude to do her shopping in April in a social grocery store of the Luxembourg Red Cross. This way, you allow her to offer her children and herself a balanced diet for a week. - Claude, 32 years old. Single mother. 3 children

  • 150€

    Help internationally

    With a donation of 150€, you help Fatouh and her daughter find a refuge. With this amount, the Luxembourg Red Cross is building a shelter for them in which they can stay until the end of the conflict that forced them to flee their home. - Fatouh (29) and Leila (7), refugees in West Africa

  • 29€

    Help young people

    With a donation of 29€, you can help Tarek to live on his own feet. He needs a new pair of shoes, as his journey has entirely worn out the previous ones. - Tarek, 18 years old, homeless and undocumented

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The donations collected during “Mois du Don” will not be earmarked for a particular project. The amounts presented are examples of the application of the funds received.