Group Donation

Is your business, your children’s school, or your sports club organising a fundraiser for the Luxembourg Red Cross?

On this page you will find both fundraising projects initiated by organisations as well as a description of the projects or the types of activities toward which your donation will go..

The power of an organisation includes the ability to mobilize the generosity of its men and women in the service of a good cause.

Mobilise your colleagues, friends, or partners, and together help the Red Cross bring aid to those who need it.


Want to create your own donation campaign for the Luxembourg Red Cross? :

Choose the Project in which you wish to engage, or make a general donation to the Red Cross who will then take charge and distribute the funds in the most efficient manner.

Allow your group’s members to support what you hold close to your heart; contact 27 55-2100 or communication@croix-rouge.lu.