Testimonial from Florent Toniello – volunteer at the International Section


I always wanted to give back, but never took enough time to do it because of a very busy professional life. When I arrived in Luxembourg, I discovered the Luxembourgish Red Cross International Section and found out that it was exactly what busy professionals actually need:

a no strings attached, informal group, yet with a multicultural profile and that strives to help through specific events but also within the normal Red Cross framework.

One of our recent activities was to participate to the Red Cross Bazar, with our own International Section booth. This was an awesome experience. While the actual work was simple – sell wooden toys, Red Cross goodies and home-baked cakes –, the interaction with “clients” and between International Section members who volunteered to help was definitely worth donating a bit of time on this cold but sunny Sunday. Plus, of course, we managed to raise a significant amount of money that will support Red Cross projects.

Recently arrived expatriates may want to volunteer, but wonder whether they can be of help in Luxembourg without fluent knowledge of the country’s languages and without any special volunteer skills or experience. Simply put, the International Section is the answer. Join us, and you’ll soon agree!


Florent Toniello – volunteer at the International Section