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Testimonial from Martina – volunteer at the International Section about the Social Groceries


For me, the best two things about this project were that the Buttek is not only a normal shop, but also a place to meet, to share, and especially to learn and get to know a bit more about food and how to enjoy cooking in a healthy way.

I really believe that the opportunity for the clients of the Buttek to have a chef teaching them how to prepare their own meal just using the ingredients that can be found in the same shop is just great !

The other aspect I really appreciated is that the selection of products does not contain any alcohol or junk food; this is very educative and makes people think about their real needs. Maybe when they find a job and have the opportunity to make more money, they will not even look for these products any more because they are not used to having them- it’s a good thing for their health of course !

Martina Pellegrini, volunteer at the International Section