Burkina Faso: Refugees from Mali


Following the conflict in Mali, the flow of refugees, mainly Touaregs, grows constantly. This increases the already precarious situation in Burkina Faso. For two months the refugees have settled in the northern part of the country, hundreds of kilometres from their home towns where they suffered persecutions and massacres. Currently 25,000 people are grouped on 4 sites, including camp Mentao with 7,000 people and camp Damba in the Soum province. Their situation is very vulnerable: very little food, no drinking water, non-existent medical care, tarpaulin shelters, etc. Children suffer from scabies, tuberculosis, and malaria.

How is your donation used?

The Red Cross is preparing the setting up of 2000 emergency shelters in the area. Each shelter will accommodate a family of 7 to 10 people. These shelters, logistics costs included, cost  270 euros per unit in Burkina Faso and 300 euros in Niger.