Maison Norbert Ensch


The Luxembourg Red Cross’s Maison Norbert Ensch (reception centre) is a place for children and youth in distress. The centre strives to offer them a stable environment with rules that respect the rights of each individual and create sufficient space for personal development. The main objective is to construct an intensive plan to reintegrate the individuals into their families of origin, and aims to do so with the help of the parents.

How will your donations be used?

Thanks to your donations, the Luxembourg Red Cross can improve the everyday life of these children. Your contributions help us provide sports, cultural, and other activities for the children. These activities help the children and teenagers prepare for returning to their families.


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If the donations collected exceed the needs of the project or that operational constraints do not allow the continuation of the action, the Red Cross Luxembourg will use the funds for programs of the same nature in conformity with its statutory object.