The Centre de Convalescence Emile Mayrisch aims to help people’s physical, physiological, and psychological recovery. As an intermediate between the hospital and one’s residence, the centre prepares a person’s return to their home over the course of three weeks. This helps prevent complications and gives patients a sense of responsibility regarding their state of health.

How is your donation used?

By donating to the Luxembourg Red Cross’ Centre de Convalescence Emile Mayrisch, you contribute to the acquisition of equipment essential to its functioning (wheelchairs, therapeutic equipment, physical therapy machines, etc.) In this way, you are helping suffering people find their way to healing and health.

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50 Euro 

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If the donations collected exceed the needs of the project or that operational constraints do not allow the continuation of the action, the Red Cross Luxembourg will use the funds for programs of the same nature in conformity with its statutory object.