Basic needs

Food and shelter are the basic needs of human beings. Unfortunately, not everyone has the means and the opportunity to enjoy them. That is why the Luxembourg Red Cross offers the following services, which are intended to improve the living conditions of the poorest members of society.



Material help

The material help of the Red Cross includes donations of clothing (cloakrooms) and social groceries („Croix-Rouge Buttek“)… more

Meal home delivery

The meal home delivery team delivers hot and well-balanced meals to your home for €11 each, all throughout the year… more

“Perspectives” (Supervised accommodation and professional integration)

Instability affects more and more young people. If you are between 18 and 30 years old living in an unstable situation, the project “Perspectives” can provide you with housing and regular personal support (coaching) to help you improve your living conditions… more




For further information

The Luxembourg Red Cross is unable to meet all needs, but has developed a catalog of associations who deal with specific problems.

If none of the aids listed above match your needs, contact the Helpline by telephone on 2755, by mail to the following address: info@croix-rouge.lu, or visiting the Helpline page